What producers are saying about us...

With Realtime Casting BKP Media Group found a casting website that understands what we need across a variety of demands, every time. The voiceover talent they provide to BKP are consistently high quality, top caliber, and professional. Keep up the good work Realtime Casting!

BKB Media Group

What voice actors are saying about us...

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Realtime Casting auditions of late! I know how hard you are working to provide us with union auditions and I, for one, am very grateful. Such a great variety of auditions too! Great fun!

Denise Ashlynd, Voice Actor

Realtime Casting is run by 'real' nice people, offering really great voiceover jobs with real world audition turn around times.

In today's constantly changing voiceover world, it's a relief to know Realtime Casting has everyone's best interests at heart and works hard to earn a sense of real trust.

Not only do they take the high road in the voiceover business, they are helping to build new and better business relationships to serve the entire voiceover industry. To me, that's forward thinking in Realtime.

Debbie Irwin, Voice Actor

I always have great sessions with Realtime Casting! The talent are always fantastic!

Redemption Audio

Hi Realtime Casting! I just wanted to thank you! My session was smooth and you were both just as nice as can be. I wish all my sessions were like this!

Kristin Lennox, Realtime Casting Talent

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