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Rosemary Chase
Represented by  Realtime Voices
 New York, New York, US

This is my second year at Realtime Casting.

If I were to describe my voice, I'd have to say it's like a Hot Toddy. Warm, smooth, with a hint of spice. Voice age is 30s to 40s-50. I am authoritative business to nurturing mom. Comedic, enthusiastic, energetic, to chillin' on the beach. I'm opinionated sometimes, and for those Robo reads, diplomatic....whatever the copy beckons me to do.

Recently, I made a breakthrough in my reads while training with a super coach. So, if you have already auditioned me once, last year, I encourage you to invite me again and see for yourself. One of my favorite idioms: "The proof is in the pudding"!

I look forward to reading for you soon!

Warm Regards,

voice Details
Language:English (US)
Dialect:New Yorker, Sountherner
Genres Offered:Commerical, Promo, Narration, Animation, dubbing
Age Range:36 to 45
Recording Type:Commercials TV, Promo , On Hold, Animation, Corporate Narration, Documentaries, Trailers
Style:Real, Person Next Door, Announcer, Intimate
Union Affiliation:SAG-AFTRA
Production Capability:Home Studio
Demos (8)
Promo Demo
Four Brothers Drive-In Movie Theatre
Four Brothers Drive-In, part 2.
Documentary Clip
Role of on-air radio personalty, Dr. Harris.
Helsmoortel Insurance & Realty
Pup 2 No Good
Commercial demo

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