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Robert Smythe
Realtime Voices
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

I've been telling stories professionally for over 30 years, and I’m ready to use my experience as an actor, a playwright and a director to fully engage your listeners, your clients, and your audience with a voice that is warm, confident, and believable.

This demo includes the following:

1) a playful and high-energy opening greeting for a mobile phone app;
2) a confident and friendly internet video introducing a new kind of hotel;
3) an informative and authoritative web video about investment strategies;
4) a fresh and exciting web ad for a new line of makeup that was also tied to social media;
5) a conversational and inspirational intro for marketing-as-storytelling web promo;
6) a friendly and high-energy intro for a web piece about the changing software developer market;
7) an authoritative and knowledgeable narration for a documentary ;
8) a warm and believable explainer video about the Internet of Things.

My voice has been described as warm, confident, and pleasing. It is soothing, authoritative, and strong. My work sounds sincere, approachable, and trustworthy. Listeners find me reassuring, inspiring, and engaging. Resonant. Friendly and honest. My sound is trustworthy, relaxed and powerful. Professional. Interesting. People find my work convincing, with a sense of wonder. I’m avuncular: the guy-next-door, the father.

voice Details
Language:English (US), German
Dialect:Southern, Boston, British, British RP, Manchester, German, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia
Age Range:26 to 35, 36 to 45, 46 to 60
Production Capability:Home Studio, FTP
Demos (1)
Robert Smythe: Friendly. Confident. Believable.

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