Our vision for Realtime Casting is to make finding "just the right voice" easy, accurate and efficient. Here are talent rates we regularly quote in a few popular voiceover categories. Please note, all talent fees are subject to final approval of the talent and their agent or manager.

These fees are all inclusive:

  • TVVO for local market use for 13 weeks - $800.
  • TVVO for spot cable use ESPN only for 13 weeks - $2600.
  • TVVO for Max Cable use for 13 weeks - $3700.
  • Radio commercial for local market use for 13 weeks - $600.
  • Radio commercial use for Network radio such as Sirius for 13 weeks - $2400.
  • VO for website use only (not a commercial)…as low as $1000 to 2200.
  • Non broadcast Industrial narration

Category 01: to train, inform, classroom or museum use - $600/ first hour $200/ additional ½ hour.

Category 02: General public use to induce purchase - $700./ first hour $200/ additional ½ hour.

Where do the costs come from

Below are voiceover rates for Sag Aftra union voices and they include talent, union and payroll fees. Let me break this down for anyone who is interested in hiring union voices for their next project. These rates include:

  • Sag Aftra talent fees
  • Agents commission
  • Sag Aftra pension & health contribution
  • Payroll costs
  • Signatory services
Why use a Realtime Casting paymaster? Why can’t a producer just write the voice talent a check? What is an AFTRA/SAG paymaster?

A paymaster is a payroll company hired by the production company or ad agency to assume the payroll obligations for the job. This includes paying the voice talents salary and taking proper deductions, handling pension and welfare contributions, keeping track of residuals, and processing unemployment and W-2 forms. I have worked as a paymaster for 30 years. It is not simple, and as a client, you will be happier to have a paymaster to explain the ins and outs of working with the best voice talent in the world.

Please remember, the talent you select, and their agent, must approve any rate prior to the recording.

Why do we work this hard to make things easy for all producers?

We are taking a positive step in the direction of providing online union voice casting. When producers and actors are brought together and create something great, the love we have for our profession ignites that flame inside to remind us, "Yes. This is why I do what I do!"

We want you to have such an experience with Realtime Casting.

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