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PJ Stover
Realtime Voices
 nashville, Tennessee, US

PJ has been a part time Voice Actor over 20 years, also an editor, Animator and Musician.
Now a full time voice actor and editor for 5 years, PJ uses Adobe, Pro Tools, & IZotope for editing software and records in a full professional studio.
PJ is a hard worker with passion & will get the job done right.
She uses Adobe Audition that has the right volume for a voiceover, so being experienced as an Editor seems to be a great help.
she knows what she's doing and can say that proudly.
Her services can be from recording a voiceover to producing, writing and editing a full Ad, promo, introduction or whatever it is you need.

PJ was an on air personality on a few popular radio stations for 10 years & 25 years in Stunt work now editor & full time voice actor in LA. PJ sings & has many character voices. Her clients have said PJ is Creative & Talented always does a top notch job with the best high quality audio.
She has different styles to her voice, it can be low raspy, like Zoey Deschanel, high mother like & mid voice. animated, characters, cartoon, caring, excited, friendly, believable, authoritative, Inspirational, unique, Trustworthy, Intelligent, funny, Attractive, Energetic, natural, upbeat

voice Details
Language:English (US), English (Canada), English
Genres Offered:characters, southern, professional, friendly, upbeat, outgoing, young, audiobooks, business
Age Range:18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 45, 46 to 60
Recording Type:Commercials TV, Trailers, Imaging, Promo , Commercials Radio, Audio Book, Animation, Corporate Narration, Documentaries, IVR, On Hold
Style:Hip, Real, Person Next Door, Story Teller, Big Voice, Soft Voice, Announcer, Intimate
Union Affiliation:SAG-AFTRA eligible
Production Capability:Home Studio, Source Connect, Professional Studio
Demos (10)
Caring, upbeat, girl next store, just 2 short book demos
Funny, Characters, Animated, Cartoon, believable, storytelling
sound effects, editor, characters, podcast promo, funny
A few of PJs Characters, Funny, animated, cartoon, believable, silly, storytelling
a short story with 3 voice characters done by PJ. Storyteller, caring, animated, trustworthy, business, voices, characters
Commercial for radio no music
A fun dog toy smiles & a few different tones
Different voices
Joan Rivers sound alike
Mom & Upbeat commercials

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