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Lisa Lupari
Realtime Voices
 New York, US

I've been referred to as the "Go To" Female Voice Talent. That's because companies Go To me when they need someone who they know will deliver the read they hear in their head. I am a Professional Voiceover Talent trusted by several fortune 500 brands. I am the voice of Lowe's product videos and the voice of the Cold-EEZE commercials. I've also voiced projects for Pilot Pens, PepsiCo, Cracker Barrel, The Hard Rock Cafe, NCL, and the U-S Department of Defense. you can hear me in action here:

From commercials to narration, to explainer and training videos, one of my biggest niche markets is technical voice work. I make the intimidating sound not so intimidating and the technical sound not so technical.

My ability to create a trustworthy sound comes natural to me because whether in my professional or personal life, I'm the same. I am warm, kind, considerate and genuine and these qualities are heard in my delivery. I was also a Radio News Anchor for 15 years where I learned to sound authoritative and knowledgeable.

I’ve been in the voice over business for 18 plus years. I’ve recorded thousands of commercials, industrials, narrations, training videos, Internet videos, Radio & TV projects, educational scripts, IVR promotions, and other projects.

As a voice professional, my job is to make your job easier and I will do whatever it takes for us to work together in exceeding your expectations.

If you're looking for a relatable, friendly voice for your next campaign, select the Contact information above, explore my profile and I can be your "GO TO" voice for your next campaign. For booking information, email me at: , call 954.838.7475 or check out

voice Details
Language:English (US)
Age Range:36 to 45
Recording Type:Commercials TV, Commercials Radio, Imaging, Promo , IVR, On Hold, Corporate Narration, Documentaries, Trailers
Style:Person Next Door
Union Affiliation:No Union Status
Production Capability:Home Studio, Source Connect
Demos (1)
No Announcer found here! A very real, authentic and believable demo. Someone whose sitting down, sipping a glass of wine while talking to her best friend.

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