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Lillian Rachel
Realtime Voices
 New York, US

Born in the United Kingdom, I grew up in East Anglia and moved north to Durham before getting married and Atlantic hopping between Europe and North America, with as many side trips to far flung countries along the way.
I'm now happily settled in the Washington D.C. area.
‚ÄčAfter reading thousands of hours of literature-based lessons with children, and leading a range of adult education classes, my passion for storytelling and training continues. I've taken my voice into the recording studio to bring your project to life! There's not much I love more than telling your story in the most engaging way. You get the benefits of a natural British accent (either neutral, southern, or northern), genuine
‚ÄčTrans-Atlantic, or a neutral North American accent, delivered in a naturally warm and pleasant way.
Sophisticated or sassy, Corporate and collaborative, always professional, I can provide the right voice for your next project to connect with your audience.

voice Details
Language:English (UK)
Age Range:26 to 35, 46 to 60
Recording Type:Commercials TV, Commercials Radio, IVR, Audio Book, Documentaries, Corporate Narration
Style:Real, Story Teller, Soft Voice, Intimate
Union Affiliation:No Union Status
Production Capability:Home Studio, Professional Studio
Demos (2)
Corporate, Travel, Documentary...
Bright, Friendly, Sassy

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