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Jen Gosnell
DeSanti Group
 Portland, Oregon, US

Working in voiceover since 2011, I stay sharp by doing improv and studying acting. I regularly work on looping/walla and ADR skills.

* Real, relatable, trustworthy sound
* Mid-range voice
* North American neutral English
* Smooth, empathetic, friendly, smart, authoritative - or way over the top! - I can deliver the tone your project requires.
* I specialize in commercial work, eLearning and corporate narration.
* I am skilled as a classical, jazz and pop singer (mezzo/alto range).

My current VO coach is Dave Walsh. I have also studied with Marice Tobias, Nancy Wolfson, Pat Fraley, Tom Chantler, David Goldberg, Lesley Bailey, and Roy Yokelson.

voice Details
Language:English (US)
Genres Offered:Commercial, eLearning, Explainer, industrial, Corporate
Age Range:46 to 60, 36 to 45
Recording Type:Commercials TV, Commercials Radio, Documentaries, Corporate Narration, On Hold, Audio Book
Style:Real, Person Next Door, Story Teller
Union Affiliation:No Union Status
Production Capability:Home Studio, Source Connect, Professional Studio, FTP
Demos (3)
Jen Gosnell Corporate Narration Demo
Jen Gosnell Commercial Demo
Jen Gosnell eLearning Demo

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