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Drew Carpenter
Atlas Talent - Mike
 New York, US

Drew Carpenter's voice is heard everyday across the globe. You can hear him nationwide on TV and radio and as the voice training some of the world's biggest (and smallest) companies. If you are in search of a voice that is regularly trusted to represent some of the world's most successful companies and government agencies, Drew fits the bill.

voice Details
Language:English (US)
Age Range:26 to 35, 36 to 45, 18 to 25, 46 to 60
Recording Type:Animation, On Hold, Commercials TV, Trailers, Imaging, Promo , Commercials Radio, IVR, Audio Book, Documentaries, Corporate Narration
Style:Hip, Real, Person Next Door, Story Teller, Big Voice, Soft Voice, Intimate, Announcer
Union Affiliation:SAG-AFTRA eligible
Production Capability:Home Studio, ISDN, Source Connect, ipDTL, FTP, Professional Studio
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