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Diego Cerviño E.
Realtime Voices
 New York, US

Diego Cerviño E.
Born in Montevideo Uruguay, he ventured into montages and audiovisual editions since 2010, and then he introduced his Vos for some of his projects that I have taken on a national level. In 2011 he started a course with the Professional Announcer Cesar Miraballes and in that same year I record some locutions for advertisements of local channels in that country. It is developed with an excellent English, Neutral Spanish and Spanish of the Rio de la Plata. It has serious, dynamic and intense voice, as well as voices for dubbing and animation.
Working during 2010 to date in audiovisual editions and advertising spots, short films and video cameraman as a freelance and in different companies of the Uruguayan market.

International voiceovers:
International Coffee Day: World Spot for the International Coffee Day 2015. among other small parts.

Local and regional announcements:
Los Carlitos deals and sales services of vegetables at your door. Rosario for the Uruguayan families, 2011 and 2012. video and advertising spot. Concert promotion Revoltosos (casablanca records), Minimaraton of united gurises and Casablanca Fundacion Iturria, Restaurant Cafe del Mar Piriapolis, setting up its audio advertising spot.

Camera and Audiovisual Edition:
Aero Expo Panama Pacifico- April 22, 2016, International Coverage of the Aero Expo Panama Pacifico organized by Yvan Boniface (, covering the entire international exhibition event of Last Generation Aircraft, as novelties in private civil aeronautics. In addition to capturing the different aircraft, important government figures, embassies that supported, President of the International Airport of Panama (Tocumen), and fanatics of aeronautics in the city of Panama also appeared. Coverage and edition of the material delivered in AVI in HD1080i.

Gran Fondo NY Uruguay - February 2016, Edition of the coverage of the international racing event held in Maldonado, editing, graphics and sound, for international dissemination via web and social networks.
Gran Fondo NY Uruguay- December 2015 Edition of advertising guidelines for local and international web and TV broadcasting.

Microtime -March 2011 to November 2013, TV cameraman, for the coverage of the RugbyTime program of Uruguayan rugby matches and also events as concert stage cameraman Antel Fest of San Carlos and assistant camera on stage Principal Av. Libertador de Steady Cam at the Bicentennial Celebration of ROU.

In the course of 2015 doing assistance and cameraman for conference events such as TEDx and "Pecha kucha nights". conference days in the course of 2015.

September 2016 - Conference at Zambrano & Cia. With coverage and registration of the conference and Live Streaming for the web of Zambrano & Cia.

During 2017, managing the live stream of the Consorcio draw numbers for 5 consecutive months, in addition to coverage for conferences by Zambrano & Cia, also operator and management of live streaming, Coverage as a conference camera operator of Scotia Bank and live streaming for its branches in the interior of the country.

August 2016 Video Production Recipes for Vegan Wraps, mini Audiovisual tutorials on how to make recipes for vegan and vegetarian meals in just a few seconds.

100 years of the Armenian Genocide 2015- Coverage of the entire Event and of the concerts held on the day of the celebration of 100 years of the Armenian Genocide with international transmission. Also making coverage for videos of the same event in previous days to celebrities from Uruguay.

Photographic coverage and video of different events, Chronos MVD, Photographic production for the brands mentioned in Clients, for web management and local marketing in Uruguay.

Conference coverage for company personnel La Carolina SA ..

Advertising Spot Production for national TV broadcast Channel 10, Audiovisual with own phrase for "Rosaries for Uruguayan families"

Montajes y Editions for Casablanca Art in action in conjunction with Director Eduardo Piñero (Co. Dir. Reus), Iturria Foundation, Audiovisual Production Workshop, Jose Bedia International Artist, Los Revoltosos with its 1st official clip, GFNY Uruguay editing for spots and international newsletter USES.

Photographic productions and graphic editor, graphic designs for companies Bensimon Uruguay (in charge in Uruguay for the company), Nibacor SA - Sensitech Inc (UTC corp.) (In charge in Uruguay for the company), club of hands and feet Commercial Manager.

For Chronos MVD, high-end jewelry and watches, trained in the mentioned brands to market their products, commercial advice, managing, repair and diagnosis of watches of the most important international brands in the world, such as, Audemars Piguet, JLC, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin, Bvlgary, Breitling, Oris, Tag Heuer, Choppard, Dior, IWC, and more .

It also has the following titles: Tec. Forein Trade., / -Tec. IT., /Tec. Bussiness managment & Sales, /Audiovisual Editor, /Mounting editor, /Sound tec. Editor, /VO Artist announcer./ Video cameraman.

voice Details
Language:Spanish (Latin America), English (US), Spanish, Spanish (Neutral)
Age Range:26 to 35, 36 to 45, 18 to 25
Recording Type:Commercials TV, On Hold, Trailers, Commercials Radio, Audio Book, Animation, Promo , Corporate Narration, Documentaries, IVR, Imaging
Style:Real, Story Teller, Big Voice, Soft Voice, Intimate, Announcer, Person Next Door
Union Affiliation:No Union Status
Production Capability:Home Studio, Source Connect
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