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Chris Turbiville
Abrams Los Angeles Dean Panaro
 Los Angeles, California, US

My voice is often described as “un-announcery” (is that a word?) and “raspy/cool/swaggery” (definitely not a word). Basically I sound like the guy sitting next to you at a bar—minus the slurring. An everyman with a cool edge who also happens to be a professional actor. How can you go wrong?

Over the years, I’ve worked on local, regional and national network spots and promos for a bunch of pretty impressive clients. They dig me because I make them look like geniuses (in a minimum number of takes). Plus, I have my own studio so I can get a session up and running faster than you can say, “Shave two seconds off.”

Some people think voiceover is just talking into a mic. Thank goodness they’re wrong, otherwise I’d really have to worry about that guy at the bar.

voice Details
Language:English (US)
Genres Offered:Promo, Commercial, Imaging, Narration
Age Range:18 to 25, 36 to 45
Recording Type:Commercials TV, Trailers, Imaging, Promo , Commercials Radio, IVR, Documentaries
Style:Hip, Story Teller, Real, Person Next Door, Announcer, Intimate
Union Affiliation:SAG-AFTRA
Production Capability:ISDN, Home Studio, FTP, Professional Studio, Source Connect, ipDTL
Demos (4)
Chris Turbiville - Commercial Reel
Chris Turbiville - Promo Reel
Chris Turbiville - Narration Reel
Chris Turbiville - Automotive Reel

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