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Christopher McAfee
Realtime Voices
 Shawnee, Oklahoma, US

Acted, and goofed around a lot through most Elementary to High School . Unfortunately I had to set those things aside while pursuing degrees in cyber security, automotive repair, and a number of certificates in several other areas. All of which ended up being ultimately worthless as I seem to be to much of a strange and eclectic person for "normal" jobs. Luckily I've been given another shot to try my hand at Voice Over, and Acting. Which is the very short version of why I've come to make a profile here.

voice Details
Language:English (US)
Dialect:Southern Gentleman (US), Philadelphia (US), Southern UK, Northern UK, West Country UK, Austrailian, Scottish, Norwegian, Canadian, Fargo ND
Genres Offered:Narration, Commercial, Character
Age Range:26 to 35, 36 to 45
Style:Story Teller, Big Voice, Soft Voice, Intimate, Announcer
Union Affiliation:No Union Status
Production Capability:Home Studio
Demos (2)
Commercial Demo 2017
Cpmmercial Demo 2015

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