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Andrew Montesi
Represented by  VoiceCasting
 Wallingford, Connecticut, US

Andrew's BIG, rich, deep bass voice runs from friendly to sexy, and hard sell to dark, sinister or gravely. Andrew's voice overs can be heard all over the world in commercials, narrations, trailers, video games, and radio imaging. From his high quality home studio, Andrew can deliver on-time, and within budget. Satisfaction guaranteed.

voice Details
Language:English (US)
Age Range:46 to 60
Recording Type:On Hold, Commercials TV, Trailers, Imaging, Promo , Commercials Radio, Audio Book, Animation, Documentaries, Corporate Narration
Style:Big Voice, Intimate, Announcer
Union Affiliation:No Union Status
Production Capability:Home Studio, ipDTL, Source Connect, FTP
Demos (4)
Andrew Montesi - Commercials Demo
Andrew Montesi - Trailers Demo
Andrew Montesi - Radio Imaging Demo
Andrew Montesi - Narration Demo

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